WW1 Researcher

WW1 Researcher: Australia

WW1 RESEARCHER: AUSTRALIA gives you an idea of what research of a local soldier or nurse might look like. Explore the significance of World War 1 in Australia and the campaigns at Gallipoli, on the Western Front and in the Middle East.

Case Studies

WW1 RESEARCHER: AUSTRALIA explores six case studies of people who served in the army in WW1. The app gives you an idea of what your research of a local soldier or nurse might look like.

Explore Resource Links

Use the embedded Research Links to research images and primary documents. Read tips and hints on search terms and a range of ways to collect stories and evidence.



The app includes six case studies and many research links so that students can research Australian soldiers and nurses who served in WW1.

Using a range of online and community resources, this app is designed to help students develop historical skills and share findings about family or people from the local community.

This app explores the significance of World War 1 in Australia and is linked to Year 9 History; the Australian Curriculum and the 2017 Victorian Curriculum. The key concepts of historical sources as evidence, perspectives and empathy are directly linked to local contexts. Other features of the app include sequencing events chronologically and investigating cause and effect through aspects such as enlistment and the impact of the war on families.