At War: In Their Own Words

The idea of the app is for students to use the case studies, links and activities as research models so that they can be guided to write and illustrate their own case studies. We will update the app with other resources and activities within the app and on our support website. The app provides the opportunity for independent work on a soldier or nurse or a family member. Students can analyse, sustain research, re-purpose the information they discover and publish it to share. We let them be the historians rather than have the history ‘done’ for them; a key way is to engage with the primary documents, online resources and families.

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I was riding alongside him…

as the heat of the charge had got into my veins I seemed to see red and thought no more of the dangers which prevailed, although after it was all over I felt very nervy for a while. For three days after this we held a position east of the Jordan.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]


You may be able to collect stories told within families. It is said George was riding through a market and they were told to ‘fix bayonets’ to steal oranges; in another family story, George was ordered to go back under fire to collect a heliograph for signalling. He said ‘Blow that, there are more of them but only one of me.’